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​New partnership agreement with Sodefor

Friday, March 4th was held at the headquarters of the Société de Développement des Forệts de la Cộte d’Ivoire ( Sodefor ), the meeting for the sign of the agreement partnership between Sodefor represented by Col Mamadou, Managing Director of that enterprise and Valentino Caron, CEO Société de Sciage Tropical Industries (ITS), a joint stock company with headquarters the Abidjan 4, always partners Andrighetti Timbers. An agreement that now allows the management of Yaya forest (22,000 square kilometers) and Mabi forest (60,000 sq km) by ITS for a period of 25 years. The management of these forests will be in partnership with Sodefor. According with the Sodefor director, the management plan will define the activities to be undertaken for the management of classified forests; for this reason there will be a plan for the use of the area. The implementation of this partnership will be good for the State of Côte d'Ivoire, but also for the local population; this partnership will be carry, the realization of new schools, roads, bridges and many other infrastructure essential to the population. It will then be carried out an awareness campaign in relation to the future development of the forest and its management with topics ranging from reforestation to environmentally sustainable tourism.

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